Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Solar eclipse

February 27

We left port in Punta Arenas on February 25th at 10pm local time. I was surprised at how punctual we were leaving port - I learned later that we were actually timing it with the high tide to make sure to have no issues leaving. We docked in Punta Arenas near downtown - a very convenient locations for us as passengers going in and out of the city. It was a much less convenient docking location for our ship - the draft of the ship could barely make it to the pier. Leaving at high tide made it much less likely for us to encounter any issues of hitting the bottom.

Upon leaving Punta Arenas we continued our journey East and soon finished navigating through the Magellan Channel. Another geeky geographical point off my list:
I woke up on Monday February 26th to the news that there will be a solar eclipse in half an hour and that our exact location is the best for observing it. I got up quickly and went outside. I wasn't prepared at all to observe a solar eclipse, so it was good to hang out with much more thoughtful and awake people. Bob, one of our helicopter pilots, brought his binoculars and a piece of paper
The crew came out with a welding mask, which was actually kinda cool and efficient as well
All in all I felt like with the help of my friends I got the best viewing of the solar eclipse I ever had. Thank you friends!

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