Sunday, March 5, 2017

Hello from the center of the storm

March 5

Forget everything I wrote about the rocking and rolling before. I have to say we have not experienced any of that “for realz” till today.  The waves are much bigger than I remember and the washing machine effect much more dramatic.

My roommate and I spent most of the night securing thing that we thought were quite secure already. It is hard to explain (and predict sometimes) what will be unstable. For example, the non-skid cover on the table is amazingly helpful for many items big and small. Even small and lightweight items manage to roll without it. Heavy items are sometimes more stable, but you want them secured as well, as they will be rolling more dramatically.

All closet drawers need to be locked, otherwise they can open and annoy you with sounds in the middle of the night. Also beware about opening up a closet door as the conglomerate of things inside is unpredictable and it might fall out of unexpected places. I learned it the hard way ;(

I also have no pictures of it since during the crazy dance of the ship I am mainly holding for my life. I only managed to take a picture of the computer screen which record rolling angle:
it does not seem like a big number, but think about a 12 degree slope you are going down by foot, by bike or by car - it’s pretty big!

Despite the heavy rolling I am feeling ok, especially when I'm not staring at the computer screen.

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