Saturday, March 18, 2017

The end is near!

March 18

We almost made it! Actually we are almost in Cape Town already, but we only ordered a pilot for 4am tomorrow, so we are hanging out in the summer tropical sea. If I haven't been so busy wrapping up, writing reports, packing and such - I would have even enjoyed it.

I feel like my head is spinning by the amount of logistical information I am trying to retain. I hope it won't explode. Our project alone has a complicated shipment to four different countries. I have been re-shuffling boxes for quite a few days and the end is nowhere near. But it is. The end of our cruise is tomorrow and I need to make sure I pack everything. I have been recruiting less busy people for help, but there's only that much one can outsource. Anyway, I believe I will get over that. And maybe even have time to pack my own bags... One can dream, right?

I should probably wrap up with post not to scare off too many readers. So here's a picture for you - a map of our ship's journey from Bremerhaven to Cape Town and then around Antarctica. We almost made it!!!! Yahoo!

I joined in Cape Town and I have been on the ship for god knows how long - a third of a calendar ;)

I will hopefully have reception soon. I'm planning to revive my South African sim-card, get data and be reachable. This is going to be rather weird. We had fairly reliable reception in the past few days and I even managed to login to Facebook and see some of the comments. Thank you for them! Although I have to admit - it is weird to be connected. Let's see I go...

Till soon,

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