Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ship o'clock

March 12

I am still quite proud of my newly invented term "ship lag". This leg (from Punta Arenas to Cape Town) we only had a few time zones to change and it is much much easier than the previous leg (Hobart to Punta Arenas). However, every time we do change clocks is still quite confusing and disorienting.

For my phone, instead of changing the clock, I decided to switch pre-defined time zones:

Our journey across all longitudes turned out to be a journey all over the world as sometimes there were no "nearby" cities to use and I referred to remote ones. This is how we ended up going to Petropavlosk Kamchatskiy in the between Australian and New Zealand time zones. We did not stay there for very long. Some time zones, like San Francisco (pacific US) and New York (eastern US) we spent less than 24 hours in. Some time zones we stayed for longer - going due south from Hobart to Mertz glacier we remained in one time zone for more than a week.

As I write this, we have one more time change in the week left till we reach Cape Town. Things are becoming even more hectic and we are thinking about packing up. It will probably be a big mess once again... I am not sure if there is a way to make it better, considering how little improvement has been made in managing any organizational part of our expedition. I just need to accept things I can't change and keep forwarding the clocks I guess ;)

Talking about forwarding the clocks - my parents gave me the best Christmas gift this year - a watch for time zones. I have to say this watch has kept me sane! No matter what time zone the ship is - I always have UTC time on the left side. And I keep adjusting the right side when needed.

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