Thursday, December 15, 2016

Akademik Tryoshnikov in Cape Town

Meanwhile Akademik Tryoshnikov made it to South Africa. This photo was taken by someone on the ship as they were approaching Cape Town:

The ship arrived early morning on December 15, 2016 and by lunchtime they cleared customs and docked at the premium spot at the Waterfront. Just a short walking distance to the touristy bit of Victoria Wharf, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Swiss Polar Institute put up an educational/promotional display at the Waterfront, where people can learn about our upcoming expedition. There is even ski-doo on display - a rather funny looking machine in the middle of sunny summer wharf filled with tourists.

 Swiss shipping containers and a ski-doo. 

I had to pose on a ski-doo wearing a dress!

I went back to the Swiss house again today and ended up talking to tourists about the crazy work that I do. It was actually quite nice to talk to people, to answer questions about my work and just random questions about Antarctica. And since I am being all philosophical here I want to make an observation. It is amazing how much listening one needs to do in order to answer a question. Random questions asked by people usually had some stories, (mis)conceptions, personal interests and agendas behind them - unraveling them is extremely important before answering a question that  was asked.

Posing near the SPI container after answering questions.

After that we walked to the ship and worked till the sun set. 

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