Friday, December 9, 2016

My previous Antarctic experience

As I am getting ready to board my first plane of my epic journey, I wanted to share this photo collage:

Photo entitled "working off airplane, 1960" from my grandfather's archives and me hanging from one of an AWS in West Antarctica 2013.

As some of my readers probably know - I have deployed to Antarctica before. I worked with the University of Wisconsin Antarctic Automated Weather Station (AWS) program. It is a unique program maintaining a network of AWSs all over West Antarctica starting from 1980. These data is all available to the public (in real-time) from the website I linked to above.

I deployed with the United State's Antarctic Program, flying to McMurdo station and visiting West Antarctic Ice Station seasonal camp. My work included frequent flights on Twin otter planes (as pictured above) and helicopters to visit AWS locations and bring stations to live, but replacing broken equipment, replacing batteries and digging buried station out of the snow. I remember commenting to friends, that a shovel was the most important tool I used - nothing basically changed in Antarctic research since 1960.

Since I still have internet - I am happy to share a few pictures from my trip to Antarctica in during the 2012-2013 summer season. I also wrote a blog from McMurdo:

This is me at the southernmost site I visited

My best selfie to date

Very excited to be in a helicopter

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