Sunday, January 1, 2017

A day in Masha's life on Tryoshnikov

January 1
Happy new year again to all my friends from different time zones. I hope you had a great celebration! As many of you know, the New Year is one of my favorite holidays. So I was really happy that we had festivities on the ship lasting into the night. I am hoping to do a separate post about the party, but today I wanted to talk about my day.
As the party ended around the sunrise and the light was so magic - I decided to go on the top deck and take pictures of the island. And who can be the better subject of a picture than myself?
We stayed anchored overnight near Possession island of the Crozet archipelago and as the day was starting there was a cool lenticular cloud forming

As I did not plan to do any work in the morning, I went to bed right after the sunrise. However, I was woken up by a colleague of mine telling me that an interesting atmospheric event - an atmospheric river - is coming upon us. As previously discussed we decided to launch radiosondes every two hours until the atmospheric river passes us. We ended up launching 6 radiosondes in total, working well into the night and we were able to capture this event in its entirety. Hopefully these data will be very useful to all of us!
In between radiosonde launches, I managed to practice my daily yoga, to learn all about the latest activities on the ship, to get jealous that I don't get to fly or Zodiac to the beach, to do a load of laundry, to translate for our ship's doctor seeing a patient, to attend a very heated PI meeting and to take an ocean water sample from the underway system. Once again a rather busy and hopefully productive day on Tryoshnikov.

One thing that is worth mentioning about the life and work on the ship - we don't get any days off. We basically keep going 24/7 chasing interesting atmosphere and ocean conditions, taking samples and collecting data non stop. This is why I was really happy to have an excuse for a party tonight - parties do not come often. And it was great to mingle with people I work with every day, including both scientists and crew members and to chat about non-work-related things.
Off to bed I go!

Till later,

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