Friday, January 6, 2017

Stormy seas

January 6

We woke up today to yet another change of plans. The winds were too high for flying, so the second day of land work at Kerguelen was canceled. We packed up and by lunch time picked up our anchor and started moving. As soon as we left the bay, we started rocking pretty dramatically. At the lab upstairs we recorded a tilt of almost 30 degrees - a new record! I have to say, pictures never show the real extend of a roll and also at 30 degrees tilt we are trying really hard not to fall, so we did not take pictures.
I also have to say that by now we are used to the rocky seas, so a lot of people were hanging out outside. I even asked someone to take a picture of me

I also tried to capture the waves as they break at the bow, but as the waves were getting bigger everyone was called inside
One thing that I have to absolutely agree on with my grandfather - eating meals remind me of acrobatic tricks.
Забавный случай был вчера со мной в кают-компании во время чая. От внезапного толчка я вместе с креслом вылетел через голову назад сквозь занавеску в музыкальный салон, где спокойно и доел свой хлеб с маслом, сожалею о чае, оставленном в кают-компании, куда постеснялся вернуться. Здорово качает! Прием пищи – совершенно акробатический номер во время качки. В отдельные моменты со столов летят тарелки, бачки с супом, хлебницы и все прочее.
A funny story happened to me during tea time (15:30 meal) in the mess. Due to a sudden tilt I rolled over my head together with my chair and I ended up in a lounge (which was only separated from the mess by a curtain). I landed safely and I finished eating my bread and butter in the lounge in peace. I am just regretting that I left my tea in the mess, but I was too shy to return there after the roll. The ship is rocking pretty hard. Each meal becomes a true acrobatic experience for us. Sometimes plates, bowls of soup and bowls with bread are flying of the table.

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