Thursday, January 5, 2017

A little adventure

January 5

Today we were lucky enough to get off the icebreaker on a little adventure. Jenny and I and a bunch of biologist loaded two Zodiacs to collect water samples in the bay of the Kerguelen island, where the ship is currently anchored. Jenny was teaching me to use the microcat, so I can continue supporting this little adventure into the next couple of legs.
It was a lot of fun to be so close to the water, to feel the salty spray on my face and to do some science while on it. Tryoshnikov looked so small from afar!
Jenny and Sam on Zodiac near Kerguelen island. Jenny is launching the microcat to take temperature and salinity measurements.

Later in the afternoon when I was safely on the ship and helping heard people off the Zodiacs, the wind picked up. It took some people a few tries to get off the Zodiac into a shaky gangway of Tryoshnikov. I am happy to report that everyone did make it back safely, we did not even loose any science samples.

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