Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Let's roll (and rock :)

January 3

We have left Crozet archipelago in the afternoon on January 1st. We started rolling again almost immediately after we left the protection of the island. I have to say a few people felt it again - it is amazing how a two-day stop anchored in a harbor (not even docked!) makes such a big effect on your body's vestibular system (balance).
Or maybe we were just adjusting after a rather festive New Years celebration :).
Nevertheless, the adjustment happens much faster and by dinnertime on January 1st everyone was basically back to walking sideways without even thinking twice, changing the angle of inclination depending on the roll of the ship.
This is a picture I took just as we were leaving Crozet islands, before the real rolling started. I am really proud that I was able to capture sea spray with my phone. We saw a lot of it already, but it is usually too far away to get resolved on a iPhone picture.
As I am writing this - I am looking out my cabin window. The view changes from very cloudy gloomy skies to waves splashing into it as if I was watching a washing machine. The rolling is pretty calming and I am happy that my body is adjusted to it without me making any extra efforts. According to the forecast a rather intense storm will catch up with us in a couple of days - we will see how my body will handle that one :). I am optimistic, I just wish we actually get more ocean science done before the sea conditions worsen.

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