Sunday, January 15, 2017

Day off!

January 15

Today I took a day off. Well, half a day, but it was so amazing already. I woke up around 9:30 and went to translate for the doctor. "We" had quite a few patients lined up, so it took about two hours total. I guess people are feeling the stress of being on the ship, working non-stop and such. And just to reassure my friends and family - I am doing ok.
In the afternoon I went to the boot camp class. I wrote about it a few days ago, when I was jealously observing people on heli deck  doing exercise. The weather wasn't perfect, but manageable. It felt so great to be outside, run around the deck and do the circuit training in the hangar. I will probably pay for it tomorrow, but it was totally worth it! After the training was over I went to the ship's sauna. The sauna on Akademik Tryoshnikov is probably the best room of all. You almost forget you are on the ship while sweating in the sauna, but then the ship starts rocking and you remember :). There is also a cold water bucket one can drop on their head to cool off. What a great experience! Just what was needed to warm up and re-energize.
After the sauna and the tea, I went to see a girl we med-evaced from Marion island. Besides being in pain, she is on this foreign ship, doesn't know most of us and primarily stuck in bed. So we chatted and painted our nails - celebrating my first day off in over a month - a perfect girl's night in! I hope she will be all right soon.
Meanwhile the sun showed up and I went on heli deck to enjoy a few minutes of the sun and show off my freshly painted nails.
Showing off my nails
Masha, Holly and Pau relaxing in the afternoon sun on the helideck

I then rushed to the PI meeting, where we discussed our current and upcoming plans, realized how little we know about future customs procedures in Australia and the work mode got turned on again. I spent the rest of the night figuring out the details for the upcoming cargo shipment. My plan is to prepare everything in advance, so I can relax in Hobart. I hope the plan works!

I have a few busy days of writing report and organizing cargo ahead of me. Wish me luck :)

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