Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Calm waters of the Southern Ocean

January 9

Today we had exceptionally good weather, the sun was shining, there was almost no wind and almost no swell. If we are lucky, we will continue to travel in this anticyclone for a while and enjoy this weather. However, we need to keep up the speed.

 Since the weather was so good, we spent a lot of hours doing oceanographic work - performed the first successful deep CTD and trace metal rosette cast, launched bongo nets to look for microplastics and identify new species of plankton.
I realize that I have pictures of many other people working and no pictures of me working, since I am too busy for the camera.
I recently learned how to clean the rosette, so today it was my job to tidy up after the casts and make sure we do not collect salt and rust on the frame and the delicate instruments. Draining the rosette is quite awkward as it is kept inside and I did not want to flood the room, so I drained niskin bottles into a bucket first. This is why the whole job takes longer than it should, but I have to say it was rather meditative to clean up.
Due to direct sunlight and low winds my atmospheric sensors on the uppermost deck recorded very warm temperatures. I am hoping that whenever it snows, the temperature will be more realistic. Otherwise, we might need to completely rethink the system and put the instruments somewhere else on the ship. This will be a job for Hobart, which I am hoping to outsource, since I want to take a much needed day off the ship. People, who are getting off after Leg 1 (at Hobart) are counting down the days, I have a lot to go, but I am looking forward to seeing my dear friends, who are flying to meet me in Hobart. Thank you so much!!! Can't wait to see you all ♡ !

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